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Personal, Social and Health education

Relationships and Sex Education

Curriculum Lead - Mrs Hill

PSHE and RSE is a planned programme of learning through which children acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives now and in the future.

It contains several areas: Emotional Health and Well-Being, Healthy Lifestyles, Relationships and Sex-Education, Drug Education, Staying Safe and Citizenship including British Values.

Much of the RSE/ PSCE curriculum is taught through the Jigsaw programme which is a comprehensive whole school approach to promoting the social and emotional skills that underpin successful learning, positive behaviour and emotional health and well-being.  The curriculum is also covered in other areas such as science, PE, Literacy etc.

Jigsaw is organised into these six areas of learning, which are repeated each year so that the children build up their knowledge and skills.


 Areas of Learning                                                                                

Autumn Term


 Being Me

Autumn Term


 Celebrating Differences

Spring Term


 Dreams and Goals

Spring Term


 Healthy Me

Summer Term



Summer Term


 Changing Me



Relationships and Sex Education takes place in the summer term each year. Some adaptations have been made through discussions with staff, parents and Governors to the content of the Jigsaw programme particularly in the area of ‘Changing Me’. This will continue to be reviewed initially at the end of the summer term 2021.


The exact learning and language to be taught is as follows;


Puberty and Human Reproduction in Jigsaw 3-11





Foundation Stage

Growing up

How we have changed since we were babies.


Year One





My changing body



Boys’ and girls’ bodies

Understanding that growing and changing is natural and happens to everyone at different rates.


Appreciating parts of the body that make us different and using correct names for them.





Year Two





The changing me


Boys and girls



Where am I on the journey from young to old and what changes can I be proud of?


 Differences between boys and girls – how do we feel about them? Which parts of me are private?






Year Three









Outside body changes




Inside body changes




 How our bodies need to change so they can make babies when we grow up – outside changes and how we feel about them.



 How our bodies change inside so they can make babies when we grow up – inside changes and how we feel about them.







Pubic hair

Developing breasts

Penis growing

Underarm hair



Year Four






Having a baby


Girls and puberty



The choice to have a baby, the parts of men and women that make babies.


How a girl’s body changes so that she can have a baby when she’s an adult – including menstruation




Sanitary towels




Year Five







Puberty for girls


 Puberty for boys




Physical changes and feelings about them.  Importance of looking after yourself.


Developing understanding of changes for both sexes – reassurance and exploring feelings.







Sanitary towels


Same sex couple


Year Six





















Conception to birth


 Puberty –



Girl talk/boy talk



















Understanding the place of sexual intercourse in a relationship and how it can lead to conception and the wonder of new life.


Consolidating understanding of physical and emotional changes and how they affect us.


A chance to ask questions and reflect (single sex)



















Making love                      Sanitary towels                 Having sex                      Tampons                        Protected sex                     Ovary              Puberty                              Oestrogen                Menstruation                    Womb                             Periods                               Uterus                                 Wet dream                     Testicles Sperm                                 Ejaculation Vagina                                Hormones Sexting                               Scrotum Semen                                Sexual Intercourse Erection                             Contraception Breasts                               Fertility treatment              Clitoris







Your rights as a parent

The school recognises Parents rights to withdraw their child from some or all of the lessons on sex education.


In addition to the taught PSHCE / RSE lessons we provide a number of enrichment activities to support the curriculum.

Houses – all children in school belong to one of our 10 houses. 

ELSA          Visits from the NSPCC          Visits from Safe on the Rails

Road Safety Training                   Visits from the School Nurse/Dental Nurse

Anti-Bullying Day                       Healthy School status

Internet Safety Day                      Philosophy for Children

Fire Safety                                  Visits from the Lifeguards


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