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The children are all assigned to one of ten houses and are awarded house points for a range of positive behaviours: hard work, good behaviour, kindness to others, co-operation, politeness etc. (All staff members can award children with house points.) (Staff members are also assigned to one of the houses.)

The achievement of each house is celebrated during each Monday morning assembly. This encourages a sense of belonging and fosters co-operation. The house points are recorded on a display board in the main corridor. At the end of each half term the winning house has a tea party.


Auburn –   Red                              Mrs S. Tolley


Burstall –   Blue                             Mrs L.Tulloch  

Cleeton –   Orange                       Mrs J.Granton

Northorpe –   Cerise                    Mrs T.Bowling

Owthorne –   Black                      Mrs E. Williams

Parkfield –   White                       Mrs J. Hethrington/ Mrs K. Canning

Pasture –   Green                         Mr M. Coleman     

Ravenspurn –  Yellow                Ms. C Fox / Mrs H. Clemence

Seathorne –   Purple                  Mrs W.Riley 

Southorpe –   Pink                     Mrs D. Spalding


New Pasture Lane Primary SchoolBurstall Hill, Bridlington
East Yorkshire, YO16 7NR

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