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Religious Education

Curriculum Lead - Mrs Granton

At New Pasture Lane Primary school we teach RE throughout the school, Foundation Stage follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (2012) and Key Stage One and Two follow the agreed syllabus for Religious Education for the East Riding of Yorkshire.

RE is taught in a creative and engaging way using a range of resources the pupils’ experiences are enhanced through where appropriate linking their learning to other curriculum subjects such as when the whole school visits a country in the spring and our history writing week, ‘Why do we remember?'

In Key Stage One and Two RE is taught in blocks of time over a half term so that pupils have opportunity to develop skills and understanding in the area they are studying, following the P4C enquiry led approach, they are encouraged to be critical, to analyse, to question, to discuss and evaluate their own learning.

RE skills and knowledge are assessed by the classroom teacher alongside the RE curriculum leader at the end of each term.

A programme of units for RE at Key Stages 1 & 2

These Units of Learning offer a ready-made scheme of work with built-in progression and coverage of all statutory aspects of the agreed syllabus.
Teachers may choose to take Units of Learning in a ferent order to fit with other curriculum planning.

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ideas from


1.1 Looking at me, looking at you.            

What makes us


2.1 Belonging

What does it mean to belong?

3.1 Remembering

Why remember?

4.1 Belief in the community  

What does it mean to belong to a faith?

 5.1 Expressions of faith             

How do people express their faith?

6.1 Justice and freedom        

Is it fair?

supplement ideas from Easter
1.2 Caring for the world

How can we keep the world special?

2.2 Believing

How do people demonstrate their beliefs?

3.2 Faith founders

Who are the faith founders and what did they teach?

4.2 Saints and heroes

What makes a hero?

5.2 Faith in action

What inspires people to follow a faith and what is the cost?

6.2 Living a faith

What gives a sense of identity and belonging?

SUMMER 1.3 Worship and festivals

What is worship?

2.3 Questions, questions

What are the Big Questions?

3.3 Encounters

What makes a place sacred?

4.3 Our world

What do religions teach about caring for our world?

5.3 Pilgrimage

Why do people of faith make a pilgrimage?

6.3 Hopes and visions

What is life about?




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